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Having a Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Approval puts you on the road to success. Responsible for overseeing and regulating the transportation sector in UAE, RTA makes sure of safety, efficiency, and compliance with the established standards.

Necessary for activities such as operating commercial vehicles, launching your transportation services, implementing mobility solutions, and getting licenses or permits concerning transportation operations, RTA permits keep the wheels of your business turning.

With the help of KPM PRO all the paperwork is handled while you keep moving forward on the right track for your business.

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    Following permits provided by RTA

    Following permits provided by RTA Approval

    The Government provides the following RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) approvals and permits to businesses in the UAE involved in the transportation sector:

    RTA Permit vs RTA Approval

    There are some differences between an RTA permit and an RTA approval.

    An RTA permit is usually issued to an individual for certain activities or to operate specific kinds of vehicles. An RTA permit is typically issued for:

    RTA Approval is a broader term. An RTA approval is issued for different projects and plans, such as:

    Obtain your RTA Approval with KPM PRO

    KPM PRO’s expertise and knowledge of the RTA permit process can simplify the application and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Working with KPM PRO may save you time and resources as we handle administrative tasks, document preparation, and coordination with the RTA.

    Our comprehensive support may extend beyond RTA permit, offering additional services like business consulting and ongoing compliance assistance.

    Obtain your RTA Approval with KPM PRO​
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