New UAE Residence Visa rule 2023

UAE residence visa rules

The UAE has been a hotspot for entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate entities since its inception. From the start, the government wants to make sure that people have enough possibilities to establish themselves. The adoption of new UAE residence visa rules provides for a broader range of entry into the nation. Government officials are establishing executive regulations for the Federal Decree – Law on Foreigners’ Entry and Residence. These modifications are now in place for both existing and new visas.

In this article, we will be talking about the most recent UAE residence visa rules. The new residence visa UAE requirements make it easier for investors to establish a presence in the nation. Let us observe:

1. Do you know how the new UAE residence visa rules can help investors?

UAE residence visa rules

In mid-April 2022, the UAE Cabinet unveiled new residency visa restrictions. And, as is customary, these executive regulations on entry and residency laws will take effect 90 days following their publication in the UAE’s Official Gazette.

Continue reading to learn about the changes made to the UAE’s visa policies:

1.1 Multi-entry visit visa

The UAE government intends to issue a new 5-year multi-entry visitor’s visa that will allow up to 90 days of residence in the country. Also, it offers the opportunity to extend it for another 90 days. However, an individual can only use the service for 180 days. Anyone applying for the visa must have an outstanding balance of at least AED 14,700 or the equivalent in foreign currency in the six months preceding the application. This is a new UAE residence visa scheme and it will do wonders for tourism in the region.

1.2 Business visa

Investors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals will be able to submit applications for a business visa in the UAE without the need for a host or sponsorship. This is one of the best UAE residence visa rules and regulations. Now, it will be way easier for investors to start their companies in the regions. Consequently, supporting the local economy and meeting their development objectives.

1.3 Visit visa

Outsiders are eligible for this visa if they have relatives or acquaintances who are citizens or residents of the UAE. Similarly to that, a visa like this does not require a sponsor or host to be present.

1.4 Temporary work visa

Candidates should know about this specific visa if they have short-term job obligations such as project-based work or probationary periods. A temporary work agreement, an employment letter, and proof of fitness are all required for qualified applicants to obtain this visa.

1.5 Study visa

With the help of this visa, students or aspiring professionals can participate in academic pursuits, specialized training programs, or internship opportunities. Both public and private educational research institutions provide sponsorship options. Additionally, a statement of purpose stating the duration and specifics of the study/training program is necessary from the entity to issue this type of visa. 

1.6 Dependents visa

Parents could sponsor their children till the age of 18 under former family residency laws. However, now male children can now obtain sponsorship until the age of 25; on the other hand, daughters can obtain sponsorship permanently. Furthermore, children with special needs will need a special permit under the UAE’s new rules and legislation. In addition, the renewal process of this visa is now easier than ever.

1.7 Work visa

The UAE government has taken a ground-breaking measure to encourage job applicants and make the application process easier. While sponsors or hosts are not necessary for this visa, applicants will need at least: 

  • Bearers of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  • Recent graduates from 500 of the world’s best colleges.
  • Candidates who fall within the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization’s first, second, and skill levels. 

1.8 Green visa

This visa has a 5-year validity period and allows holders to get their families to the UAE with no need for a sponsor or employer. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and a minimum wage of AED 15,000 to have the right to apply for this visa.

2. Know about the new golden visa UAE breakthrough

The Golden Visa is a ground-breaking initiative by the UAE government to recognize and reward brilliant individuals. This unique visa, which is available to a broad spectrum of professional categories and investors, allows them to enjoy the advantages of the UAE for up to ten years. 

Golden visa categories:

2.1 Entrepreneurs

Up-and-coming businesses, like startups, are eligible to submit an application for the Golden Visa if they: 

  • Register their business in the UAE.
  • Belonging to the SMEs category.
  • Keep your annual income at least 1 million AED.

2.2 Real estate

Real estate investments are one way for investors to set up a long-term residence in Dubai. A minimum of AED 2 million must be invested in real estate. If a person has a mortgage or off-plan real estate, their eligibility may be taken into account if their total cumulative investments equal or exceed AED 2 million.

2.3 Scientists and researchers

Those who are specialists in their fields of research and science also qualify for the golden visa, assuming that they meet the following criteria: 

  • An official letter of endorsement from the Emirates Science Council.
  • From a prestigious university, a master’s or PhD in engineering, technology, or a related field in the biological sciences.

2.4 Skilled workers

This group includes those with a bachelor’s degree or above, an active employment contract, and/or a monthly wage of at least AED 30,000. The rules of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization state that their line of work must fall within occupational level one or two.

2.5 Exceptional talent

People who have demonstrated remarkable potential in innovation, athletics, the arts and culture, technology, medicine, the law, and other professions are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa, according to the UAE government. These applicants will require a letter of reference or approval from the pertinent government body, which will complicate the process. 

3. Learn about the benefits of having a UAE visa

UAE residence visa rules

The UAE consistently ranks as one of the best places in the world for ex-pats, thanks to its excellent standard of living and security. Here are additional benefits you can take advantage of if you decide to move to the UAE as a resident:

3.1 Driver’s license eligibility

A foreign person is able to change their current driver’s license into an official UAE driver’s license with the help of a UAE residency visa.

3.2 Health Services in the UAE

Even though it is optional in some Emirates zones, health insurance is necessary in the UAE. Therefore, an ex-pat with a resident visa is able to use health services offered by the UAE government with a health card at a reasonable fee.

3.3 Enrollment in Public and private schools

Children of foreign professionals working in the UAE who are under 18 can attend public institutions since 2001. Therefore, if they meet the qualifications and pay the tuition fees, students are permitted to enroll in both public and private schools.

When enrolling the kids in a private school, the parents’ Emirates ID is needed. As it is a necessary requirement.

International visitors should be aware that Arabic is the main language used for all of the available disciplines. Furthermore, every class adheres to the curriculum established by the UAE Ministry of Education. However, for basic grammar and comprehension abilities, English is regarded as a second language.

3.4 Job and investment

Foreign nationals possessing residency visas for the UAE have the right to work and invest there. For some professionals and investors, the UAE government has created additional types of resident permits. Also, the visas allow visitors to stay in the nation for protracted periods of time.

3.5 Bank account and extra services

The international person’s Emirates ID is required as the main document by banks in the United Arab Emirates. Either a savings account or a current account must be opened using it. Consequently, if the applicant is eligible, opening an account is simple.

One of the world’s most developed nations is the United Arab Emirates. It provides Dubai residence visa renewal new rules that make it easier for businesses to operate and for its citizens to prosper. International visitors can benefit from the good weather, a wide range of recreational activities, a low level of crime, and more.

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Without a doubt, the UAE is one of the most desirable locations in the world right now for investments and permanent residence. Anyone wishing to settle down here is sure to have an unforgettable experience. Therefore, the fact that Dubai and the UAE offer a new visa rule in UAE designed to meet specific demands is to their advantage.

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