What is Establishment Card UAE? Complete Guide (2023 updated)

establishment card

Any foreign investor who wants to conduct business in the region must possess an establishment card UAE. Understanding the steps involved in starting a business is essential. However, you should also be aware of any additional standards you must meet in order to successfully sell your services or goods.

In this article, we will be providing a complete guide on UAE establishment card. You need to finish a number of additional steps after establishing your firm. One of which is obtaining the Dubai immigration card. Consequently, you must obtain this crucial document before you may hire staff, receive payments, and carry out numerous other tasks. Let us see:

1. Know everything about the establishment card UAE

establishment card

Many entrepreneurs and international investors who think the UAE would be a good place to base their operations may want to start right away. Although they may learn how to obtain the necessary work permits for their employees in the UAE, it is crucial to understand that there are still needs to be met before operations can begin.

For example, obtaining a trade license is essential for running a business. Nevertheless, if you want to hire staff or send out invoices, you will also need a company establishment card.

Before starting the process of incorporating your business, it is important to familiarize yourself on the labor establishment card UAE. You will be better prepared to deal with any circumstances that may emerge once your business is established if you do this. Also, it will enable you to compile all the required paperwork, speeding up the procedure and letting you start providing your services as quickly as possible.

2. Do you know what is an immigration card Dubai?

Before you begin learning how to obtain the immigration card UAE, you must first understand what it is. The main thing to remember is that it is a necessary document that is usually supplied in the form of a plastic card. As a result, it is the same size as a credit card and contains details about your company.

The following is the content of a company establishment card:

  • Company’s name.
  • Expiry date.
  • Card number.

The text is written in both Arabic and English, and the back of the card has instructions for the owner as well as contact information for the AMER Service. The establishment card number is the most significant piece of information in this document.

Another thing to consider about this document is that it goes by multiple different names. It has the following possible names:

  • CEC or Company Establishment Card.
  • CIC or Corporation Immigration Card.
  • Establishment Labour Card.
  • Establishment Immigration Card.

As a result, every time you encounter one of the preceding names, you should be aware that it refers to this same document.

2.1 Who is the authority in charge of issuing the establishment card?

Before you start your business, you need to know who is in charge of issuing this important document. Therefore, it is vital to highlight that it is issued by the immigration authority; this authority is known as the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs or GDRFA.

Hence, after forming your business, you must wait for the immigration officials to give your establishment card. Obtaining this card can be easier with PRO services in Dubai, as they will ensure that every step is followed correctly.

2.2 How long does the validity of this card lasts?

When you receive your immigration card, you must be aware that it has a validity date. Therefore, you must go through the immigration card renewal process it before that date passes.

Companies in the Free Zone are given cards with a one-year validity, whereas Mainland businesses are given cards with a three-year validity.

3. Learn why is an establishment card necessary

Why does your business require an establishment card? This is a question you may have. As a result, you should know that this significant document gives you the following abilities:

  • Apply for a residence visa for you and your workers.
  • Receive work authorization for your employees.
  • Request visas for overseas partners and investors.
  • Hire personnel from abroad.
  • For some state service providers, it is a mandate (water, internet, and electricity for your workspace).

3.1 Why is the establishment card necessary to get visas?

You will not be allowed to hire workers from other countries if you do not have your establishment card on check. Employers need to provide a duplicate of your company’s establishment card with the other required documents when you submit a visa application for your employees. Therefore, if you do not have it, you will not be able to get the necessary visas because it is a mandatory document.

4. See the process to obtain and renew the Dubai establishment card

establishment card

You must meet the requirements, acquire the required paperwork, and follow the official procedures in order to receive an immigration card UAE.

The company must already have its trade license, which is the only pre-requisite for obtaining the establishment card. In this sense, you must go through the registration of your business and wait until receiving your trade license. After getting it, you can begin the application process to get your establishment card Dubai.

4.1 What are the necessary documents to obtain this card?

The following is a list of the relevant paperwork that must be included with your application:

  • Duplicate of business trade license.
  • List of business partners (for LLC Companies).
  • Duplicate of MOA. (for LLC companies).
  • Passport of the local sponsor.
  • Duplicate of passports of the business partners (for LLC companies).
  • Partner and sponsor passport photos.
  • Arabic map of the area.
  • A copy of the lease agreement.
  • Duplicate of the signatories’ and sponsor’s e-signature cards (if any).
  • Owner degree certificate (notarized and legalized).

4.2 Follow the procedure and obtain your establishment card in the United Arab Emirates

Once you have collected the necessary paperwork, you can request the immigration card. The application must be filled out completely and delivered to the relevant immigration office.

The subsequent actions are required:

  • Visit the Tasheel transcription center with your supporting documentation to pick up an application form. Fill it out to request an Arabic translation of the form.
  • Get the company seal and the signatures of your partners.
  • Pick up your document.
  • Moreover, you could hand it up to the Ministry of Labor. After obtaining your card, you must safeguard it to avoid losing it. Do not forget that if you lose it, you will be required to pay replacement expenses and obtain another one.

4.3 Follow the renewal process of the establishment card

As there are consequences if your immigration card expires, it really is critical to take care of the renewal as soon as possible.

Also, it is imperative to complete the renewal process well in advance of the expiration date; but after you have renewed the company’s registration.

Therefore, if you want to have the time so that you can prepare everything, gather your paperwork, and start the procedure, you must be aware of these two dates. The renewal procedure can be completed online or via AMER Centre.

4.3.1 Online establishment card renewal UAE

You just need to take the following actions to renew your certificate online, which is really simple:

  • Fill out the form online.
  • Pay the bills using NAQODI.
  • Provide the printed receipt with the supporting documentation.
  • Branch out into immigration.
  • If you need your card immediately, but if not, give yourself two to three business days.

4.3.2 Amer Center establishment card renewal Dubai

If your business doesn’t offer online services, you can renew your membership through an AMER Centre by following these instructions:

  • In the AMER Center, get your web registration typed.
  • Bring the following paperwork with you:
  • Original business card.
  • A copy of your business license.
  • Arabic map of the area.
  • Legitimate lease agreement.
  • Copy of the approved signatory’s passport and Emirates ID are necessary.

5. Obtain your establishment card with KPM PRO

Obtaining your establishment card in the UAE is easier with the support of professionals. Therefore, on KPM PRO you can find the necessary services to obtain and renew your immigration card. If you want to start your business processes with us, you can get in touch with our team. Call us at +971 43 316 688 or email at contact@kpmpro.ae.

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