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The MOL UAE is the force that controls firms and employees in the UAE. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is in charge of overseeing the employment process in the UAE’s corporate and public sectors. In recent years, this body has taken a number of efforts to enhance the country’s job situation. Additionally, give local talent development possibilities.

In this article we will be talking about the ministry of labor UAE. Since MOHRE constitutes one of the most significant groups in the region, knowing about it can be advantageous. Understanding how to request information and submit MOL enquiries will help you stay safe while performing duties in the region. Let us take a closer look:

1. Do you know what the MOL UAE is?


Whether you are a foreigner or a local, you have probably heard about MOHRE. We will, however, let you know all about it here.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization is in charge of managing the public and private sectors’ workforces and employment processes. It was known as the Ministry of Labor or MOL until February 9th, 2016, when it switched to its current name.

This entity handles issues pertaining to UAE Employment Law and employment contracts. Another notable feature of MOHRE is that it has recently completed a lot of initiatives. This is done to develop and improve the labor market, which will help the local economy.

Additionally, the MOHRE has been emphasizing a number of projects or programs that benefit local talent. This is because a lot of foreigners want to know how to get a job in Dubai, so they relocate to the region to work, displacing Emiratis.

One of the most conspicuous is the MOHRE Tawteen Initiative, often known as Emiratization. This enables residents aged 18 to 60 to pursue employment in the private industry.

2. Learn what type of services the Ministry of Labour Dubai provides

In order to deliver good services to the UAE’s rising workforce, MOHRE enforces a set of norms and standards. The following is a list of some of the services MOL UAE provides to employees as well as employers.

2.1 MOL UAE services for employers

MOHRE offers a variety of services to enterprises, allowing for a simple approach for effective people administration. MOHRE’s employer inquiry services include:

2.1.1 Work permit issuance

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization issues work permits to those who have jobs in the United Arab Emirates. In order to apply for a new work visa, the company must submit the following paperwork:

  • Picture of employee against white background.
  • A duplicate of the employee’s passport valid for six months.
  • Authorization letter from the relevant authority.
  • Academic credentials authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the employee’s native country.

The permit is valid for two months since the employee receives it.

It is significant to be aware that a new work permit regulation was just released by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Under the new regulation, men can now get a work visa in the Emirates sponsored by their spouses.

2.1.2 Reporting a domestic worker

MOHRE grants the employer the right to file a complaint if a worker leaves without informing the company.

The employer must provide proof of employment, including:

  • A copy of the passports of both the employer and the employee.
  • Information about the worker’s citizenship and visa.
  • A legitimate ID card issued by the employer, either the original or a copy.

The system costs AED 418 in every emirate but Dubai. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs or Amer centers in Dubai are the places where employers in that city can get this service. (GDRFA).

2.1.3 Fee payments

Companies can use MOHRE to pay any fines levied against employees. To pay a fine, employers must possess the following things:

  • A passport photocopy of the employer.
  • An authentic, original ID card provided by a GCC investor, resident, or employer.
  • The authentic, genuine ID card of the employer.

MOL UAE is in charge of additional job-related tasks. For instance, the Ministry may:

  • Modify or change the work permit.
  • Revokes a work permit that is either active or inactive.
  • It is possible to inspect work areas.
  • Updated information about the hiring procedure.
  • Provides training to job seekers once they have their visa.
  • Grants or revokes licenses for brokerage firms, temporary recruitment licenses, and PRO cards.
  • Companies with more than fifty staff members may use quotas.
  • Executes regular inspections.

Businesses can call the MOL contact number, use the MOHRE app, or visit the website to obtain these services.

2.2 MOL UAE services for employees

MOHRE fulfills the requirements of UAE employees in addition to addressing the needs of enterprises.

2.2.1 Obtain the Absher Card and renew it

UAE nationals working in the private sector of the nation are given a discount card known as the Absher Card. To obtain it, you must:

  • Become an Emirati.
  • Possess a worker identification card.
  • Worked in a single place of business for at least a month.
  • Have at least 3 pay transactions made under the Wages Protection System documented, and be enrolled with either the General Authority for Pensions and Social Security or the Abu Dhabi Pensions and Retirement Fund. (WPS).

MOHRE issues the card after receiving your application in seven working days. When the Absher card expires, MOL UAE automatically renews it in the system without another application being necessary. Make a call to the MOL number UAE right now to get your procedure going!

2.2.2 Fixing payment issues

When submitting a complaint regarding matters pertaining to salaries, MOHRE needs the following details:

  • Company employees.
  • A thorough establishment report.
  • Inspection reports from past visits.
  • A map showing the location of the business.
  • A copy of the complaint.
  • Report on Wages Protection System Payments (WPS).

After phoning the MOL helpline, salary issues are normally settled by MOL UAE in three working days.

2.2.3 Bank guarantee liquidation

This specific service helps employees receive funds on behalf of the beneficiary.

The following items are necessary for staff members to receive this service:

  • Court-issued liquidation order.
  • A settlement agreement by the legal team to end the employer’s assurance and approval.

The following steps are obligatory to start the service:

  • To the Labour Relations Section, bring the court paperwork holding the bank guarantee in the labor’s favor.
  • In the event of lack of a judicial order, the bank guarantee may be necessary at the employer’s discretion.

The worker will get the results in three working days.

2.2.4 Aftercare for accidents and injuries at work

In the event of any risks at work, MOL UAE also ensures that employees have insurance from their own firms. Personnel must present the following in order to access this amenity:

  • Ministry of Labour contract.
  • The medical report from the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi that determines the degree of disability.

Within five business days, you will get a response to such inquiries.

MOHRE also inspects workplaces, addresses inquiries, and investigates grievances. Employers and employees must jointly initiate MOHRE complaints; either can do so by calling the MOHRE labor number UAE.

3. What are the responsibilities of the UAE MOL?

The MOHRE is a very important government body that assists UAE businesses and employees.

Calling the labor office Dubai contact number might help you if there is an issue; such as, a business delaying the revocation of a visa, or if you have a question about your contract.

The MOHRE is hence active in all facets of employment. Making sure that everyone in the company partnership conforms with the law and labor regulations is also essential.

Additionally, it gives workers as well as employers the ability to inquire about any matter and seek any assistance from the MOL UAE. It is a platform that numerous individuals find helpful as a result.

If you are an international worker, the MOHRE can help you with any job-related concerns in the country.

If your firm is treating you unfairly or if it is not adhering to the fundamentals of hiring remote engineers, you can ask MOHRE for help in this regard.

Similar to this, MOHRE can help employers that want to learn more about legislation, such as the most recent ones governing annual, maternity, and sick leave.

4. Know more about the MOL initiatives


The primary duty of MOHRE is to support businesses and employees. As a result, the following MOHRE brands they have been developing offer additional complete assistance:

TWAFOUQ: TWAFOUQ allows for communication between employers and employees. It resolves the labor complaints among the two parties by addressing legal queries and assessing the veracity of their arguments. Labor disputes are settled by the fast-track MOHRE arbitration center; which has offices all throughout the UAE, in 10 working days.

TASHEEL: The TASHEEL online platform from MOHRE was created to streamline transactional processes for both enterprises and employees. The government system enables employers to carry out a number of actions, such as applying for a permit to work and labor card, submitting any necessary paperwork, and terminating an employee’s employment agreement.

TAQYEEM: TAQYEEM seeks to increase the UAE’s labor market’s viability. It simplifies the process of registering workers in the work camp system and provides data on subcontracts, the status of business trade permits, and the duration of such licenses. TAQYEEM supports the labor of about 35,000 people across the country.

TAWSEEL: TAWSEEL is a network of mobile, state-of-the-art service centers that caters to those who regularly are unable to visit government facilities due to job or personal responsibilities.

TAWJEEH: TAWJEEH is an assistance center that upholds the legal rights of both employees and employers. It disseminates knowledge about the UAE labor legislation and its requirements by setting up training sessions and distributing booklets and brochures.

TADBEER: TADBEER is a practical, organized, open-book method for employing domestic help in the United Arab Emirates. The service center strikes a balance between upholding the safety of the homes where they work and defending the rights of their personnel.

5. Here are MOL UAE means of contact

Whether you are a company or an employee, you must constantly have the MOHRE UAE phone number available.

  • Email address:
    • MOHRE number: +970-680-27666
    • MOHRE helpline: 80060.
    • Website:
    • Social media: @MOHREUAE

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