Set Up Your Education Business in Dubai, UAE

Education business in Dubai

Education is viewed important in the UAE. Same is true for the education industry. Knowledge is power and the one that wields it is mighty. It is a great opportunity to set up your education business in UAE. Get an educational institute license, fulfill the necessary requirements, hire the staff and you are good to set up your education business in Dubai, UAE.

You will need to properly plan the curriculum and teaching strategies. And then you will be ready to enlighten others imparting knowledge to them.


Introduction to Dubai’s Thriving Education Sector:

The sector of education is thriving in Dubai. Pandemic has led to online education become a common practice.

There are different factors involved when it comes to reasons of education businesses growing rapidly in Dubai. There is a large population of expats. Then there is the value of education upheld in this multicultural society too.


Navigating the Regulatory Landscape:

Knowledge and Human Development Authority oversees the education sector of United Arab Emirates. It makes sure the education is of high quality. It assesses the information follows the high standard of the country.

The functions of Knowledge and Human Development Authority are many. It works to improve education system of Dubai. Oversees the educational institutions. Regularly inspects schools. They make annual reports with their findings. KHDA rates schools according to their performance.

Understanding Licensing and Compliance:

The process to set up your education business in Dubai, UAE with license is simple with professionals like KPM PRO who specialize in handling that for you.

Determine the type of educational institute you want to run. Ask yourself: Is it going to be a school, a college or something else? Decide any particular activities you will be offering.

Decide the location. It can be mainland Dubai. You can also set up your education business in Dubai, UAE with a free zone as your location.

Fill out your KDHA application. It will require this information:

  • Ownership Structure.
  • Infrastructure and Resources.
  • Organizational Overview.
  • Courses Offered.
  • Certification Offered.
  • Faculty Credentials.
  • Training Services.
  • Supplementary Services.
  • Student Recruitment.
  • Regulatory Compliance.

Organize your documents. To set up your education business in Dubai, UAE, you will need to provide these:

  • Reservation of business name.
  • A registration plan .
  • Passport copies of shareholders.
  • Passport copies of director or manager.
  • Signatures of each shareholder.
  • Signatures of manager.
  • CVs of director.
  • Qualification certificates of the manager.
  • Any other relevant paperwork required by KHDA.

Submit your application. Do this through the e-portal of Knowledge and Human Development Authority. Pay the fees. Now it is time to wait for the final approval. This duration varies because of the size of educational institute.

Set up education business in dubai

Choosing the Right Business Structure:

Decide the business structure you think is right for your business. The options to choose to set up your education business in Dubai, UAE are:

  1. Sole proprietorship.
  2. Limited liability company.
  3. Branch of a foreign company.

Options and Considerations

You may need to get additional licenses to set up your education business in Dubai, UAE. These include:

It is far easier to let a professional handle all this stuff and paperwork. KPM PRO helps businesses with DED services, getting trade license, gaining government entity approvals and obtaining initial approval. We also help with visa for employees, legal translation and attestation.


Recruitment and Staffing:

Be it school or college, it needs staff to teach the students. There is a range of open vacancies when you set up your education business in Dubai, UAE. There will be the higher level management and HR department to hire. Recruit to fill the vacant positions of principals, teachers, faculty members, lab assistants and technicians.

KHDA requires teachers to meet requirements and be issued Initial Appointment. It is needed to get a UAE work permit for the teacher.

The teacher should be a degree holder in the specific field. A class teacher will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. They may also have a Master’s degree in Education. A subject teacher must at least have a bachelor’s degree relevant to the subject.

After it, the teacher at the school will register on Educator Permit System. The requirements for it are:

  1. Subject Qualification.
  2. Additional Qualification Requirements.
  3. Language Proficiency.
  4. Legal Status.
  5. Fitness to Teach.
  6. Good Standing.
  7. Mandatory Professional Development.


Curriculum Development and Accreditation

It is important to develop curriculum when you set up your education business in Dubai, UAE. Follow the guidelines provided via the laws of the country.

Plan content for curriculum that is suited to the grade level of students. Include examples from daily life. Focus on the latest technology. Incorporate local culture. Include lessons that develop critical thinking skills.

Work out a plan concerning the accreditation of courses offered at your organization.


Budgeting for Success and Growth:

Matters as significant as setting up your business in Dubai calls for paying attention to the tiniest details. Draft the budget for all the costs involved. Set aside the fee for licenses, recruitment, and infrastructure. There will be cost of space where you set up your education business in Dubai.

When you budget accordingly, the institute will be all set on its way to success and growth.


Conclusion: Setting the Foundation for Educational Success in Dubai.

The success of educational institute starts with taking the first step. Starting the process to set up your education business in Dubai, UAE puts you on the track of progress. Illuminate the way ahead with the light of knowledge taught at the institution.

Need help from a professional to set up your education business in Dubai, UAE? Contact us and we will get started on it.

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