List Of PRO Services in Dubai

List of PRO Services

Businesses and individuals that want to deal with regulatory bodies and government agencies often want designated individuals, teams, or companies with experience and expertise to manage their affairs on their behalf.

So, if you are a business or a corporation working in the UAE, especially in Dubai. Efficient, reliable, and quality PRO Services in Dubai must be acquired to save you time, and financial resources. Time is money when it comes to business operations and this should be the motto of every single individual who wants to have business success in Dubai.

That is why it is necessary to find the PRO service provider that saves you valuable time that you may spend while standing in never-ending queues.

This article will outline the essential list of PRO services in Dubai that will help you sustain in the Dubai, UAE business landscape.

Introduction to Pro Services: Enhancing Business Efficiency

If you are a businessman in Dubai, you must have gone through the term “PRO Services

So what are these services and how can they help you?

Well, in UAE, PROs are public relations officials working in the Personnel Affairs Department. They are mainly responsible for the enforcement of the procedures of government for employers to stay compliant with laws and legalities related to labor relations in the UAE.

Understanding these laws and regulations is crucial for staying compliant with the UAE’s policies for labor laws or else there will be severe consequences for business. Also, the job role of PROs is critical because it guides companies about these provisions, resulting in safeguarding them from various violations and penalties.

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Effortless Company Formation & Registration:

If you are thinking of starting your business operations in the UAE or Dubai, PRO services in Dubai will help you out with various complex documentation and clearing processes that may cause you a hassle.

These processes are vital to establish your company and its registration. PRO services help you with all the procedures of legal requirements by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Also, you will be able to get a seamless commercial license and process its renewal, get different visas, get help with labor contracts, and fulfill the immigration department requirements in Dubai, UAE.

PRO not only ensures your business and startup success in the initial day but also makes things run smoothly in your business lifecycle.

Corporate PRO Services: Streamlining Government Liaison

Every business must get a license for trading in Dubai from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Your trade license is the identification of you and your company. You have valid proof of government approval to participate in UAE’s commercial activities.

That is why corporate PRO Services are necessary for any business in Dubai. That is in the initial stages of getting a trade license through a seamless process. Not only do they work and process all the documentation on your behalf but also help you go through the renewal process at the most justified rates.

Here are some corporate list of PRO services you can avail of in Dubai:

Commercial Trade Licenses are for the companies involved in trade activities commercially related to goods & commodities, and even services. Both general and specialized traders are eligible for a Commercial Trade License.

An Industrial Trade License is for businesses planning to manufacture, process, assemble, redesign, or repack various goods through local raw materials, or imported ones. Businesses first have to show up their physical premise for manufacturing to have a license.

Professional Trade License:

A Professional Trade License is for specialists and professionals including the following fields:

  • Artisanship.
  • Carpentry.
  • Consultancy Services.
  • Printing & Publishing.
  • Beauty Salons and Spas.
  • Repairing Services.

Professional Trade License benefits businesses with a lot of matters including the ownership of foreign investors is 100% secured.

Employment and Visa Services:

PRO services in Dubai help businesses with the application of visas for their employees or workers to legally work in Dubai UAE. The validity of this employment visa varies from 2-3 years depending on whether you are working in the Free Trade Zone or the company in UAE’s mainland. PRO services can process visas for newly hired employees, visa renewal, and visa cancellation for you.

Other than employment visas, here are some other types of visas that PRO services help you in:

  • Dependents Visa services for individuals sponsoring their family members for the UAE residency.
  • Housemaid Visa for individuals hiring housekeepers or nannies full-time that is valid for only one year.
  • Golden Visa for the specific individuals meeting the eligibility criteria valid for 5-10 years. 
  • Property Owner Visa for individuals buying property for real estate, tourism, or even for trading.
  • Partners/Investors Visa for entrepreneurs and businessman.
  • Part-time Work Permit for freelance workers, or students.
  • Green Visa for skilled professionals, freelancers, and investors with a 5-year residency permit.

Legal and Documentation Support:

Business operations in Dubai, UAE must be compliant through the proper documentation and attestation. Also, the legal requirement and compliance must be practiced. PRO services in Dubai ensure all this by streamlining your business contracts, diplomas, legal contracts, legal compliance, transactions, and visa applications.

Also, these services guide you through taxation, labor compliance, and licenses required for business operations.

Business Consulting and Advisory Services:

Expanding your business in Dubai is seamless through the valuable advice of PRO services in Dubai. Their business consulting and advisory services help a lot in dealing with the complexities involved in setting up a business or company, getting trade licenses, and registration for taxation or other relevant government affairs.

Digital Transformation and IT Services:

We are living in the digital era. Businesses and companies in Dubai must acquire their digital transformation and excel in information technology to stay ahead in the competitive business environment in Dubai. That is why, PRO services in Dubai are efficient enough to help businesses in this field provide solutions for rapid digital transformation, and acquire IT-related services.

Marketing and Branding Solutions

New businesses find it challenging to promote their services in Dubai. As the competition is tough and they do not have much PR in the UAE as well. That’s where PRO services jump in and save businesses from falling short of their marketing and promotion. Not only do they help them in marketing their products or services but also provide them with branding solutions so they can grow their roots strongly in Dubai.

Celebrating Success: KPM Pro’s Approach to Pro Services

PRO Services in Dubai are your saviors when it comes to providing support to businesses. To deal with the government regulatory bodies for visa processing, trade licenses, labor contracts, and related legal & documentation processes.

That is why choosing the best PRO service provider in Dubai is crucial to save you from any kind of hassle or trouble that may occur. At KPM PRO, we are proud to offer the best Dubai PRO services that not only let you take a sigh of relief but also let you grow and flourish your business in the UAE. Contact us with trust for all your business affairs right today.

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